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About Chef Wadeinni

Chef Wadeinni, aka Wade Nembhard, was born in the hills of St Elizabeth on the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica. Cooking is his passion and now he’s a home chef living in New York City.

As he put it, “I learned the Jamaican part of cooking as a kid on the island watching my dad and aunt making popular dishes. Then my mom when I came to America. The rest I learned messing around mixing different foods I get my hands on. I’ve been killin it in the kitchen since 11 years old. I still throw random ingredients together to see how I can make people’s mouth water. When you taste my food and get a mouthgasm I know I did great in the kitchen.”

Wade’s an entrepreneur too. He’s CEO of BlueBox Media in Queens, NY. a video production company he co-founded with his wife in 2003. He’s also COO of Moms Pump Here, a health and wellness company for nursing moms he also co-founded with his wife in 2012.

He attended Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts, where he studied television production and advertising, he’s a secret space science enthusiast (the guy LOOOOOOVES space!) and says maybe he can cook on Mars one day. Wade has 3 kids with his wife entrepreneur and fellow space lover Priya Nembhard.